Fred Ingham & Son

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Fred Ingham, a local butcher whose shop is on Stainland Road in West Vale.  He told me that he had given his life to his business and his butcher’s shop, having been in business there for over 40 years.  He lamented that things had changed a lot in his time, with people now preferring the supermarket to the local shop.  With some pride though, Fred told me that all his suppliers were within walking distance from his shop – every one of them.  With some sadness though, he said that when he retires in a few years time, he will be gone and probably never remembered.

Support Fred & local business campaign

It would be great to help make Fred’s last few years in business a success.  To help support Fred and local businesses like him I will be starting a campaign to support local businesses.  More details to follow.

In the meantime, take a trip down to Fred Ingham & Son and enjoy some of the best local meats.

  • Support Fred! - Campaign to support local businesses
  • Business Name: Fred Ingham & Son
  • Business Type: Local Butcher
  • Time in business: Over 40 years
  • Where: Stainland Road, West Vale