I recently spoke to a resident in the Ward, Mr Stephen Wood, who requested some help with the following problem.

Victim of Theft

His son owned a motorbike, which apart from being his pride and joy, allowed him to get to work every day.  Sadly, the bike was stolen one night.  Mr Wood recounted how happy he and his son were when not much time later, the police contacted him and told him the bike had been found.

However, this story has a sad and all too familiar end.  The bike, although still rightfully the property of his son, had been taken by the police and was being kept in a secure location.  In order for Mr Wood’s son to recover his bike, he would have to pay a statutory release fee of £150.00.  To add insult to injury, there was also a daily charge being applied for the storage of £20.00 per day.  The final act of injustice was that if Mr Wood’s son didn’t pay the release fee within a given number of days, the bike would become the property of the State and it would either be sold or scrapped i.e. permanently confiscated.

State sponsored theft

So having once been the victim of theft, Mr Wood and his son, unless they were willing to pay, would become the victims of theft for a second time – but this time, State sponsored.

He asked if there was anything the local Conservative Party could do to help.

This problem has been discussed in Parliament once before, but no formal action was taken to reduce or suspend the statutory release fee for stolen vehicles.  We want to try and change this.

Online petition

We have started an online petition on the UK Government & Parliament petitions website to make people aware of this problem.  If the petition receives over 100,000 signatures then it may be debated in Parliament.

I have also written to our local MP Craig Whittaker about this problem.

Please share this article with family and friends who have experienced something similar and ask them to support our work in this area.

Click here to sign the petition, or click on the image below.

  • Project Type: Local Resident Concern
  • Name of Resident: Mr Stephen Wood
  • Type of concern: Law & Order - theft of vehicle
  • Response: Online Petition & letter to MP
  • Website: https://petition.parliament.uk/