Congestion and traffic is an ongoing problem in West Vale. This is due to a road system where Saddleworth and Rochdale roads converge onto and cross the B6112, Stainland Road creating two busy traffic light junctions within close proximity. To make things worse, traffic also enters West Vale from Halifax off the A629 dual carriageway further up Stainland Road. This creates another bottle neck as traffic tries to get onto and off the busy A629 Elland by-pass via two small mini-roundabouts. The result is often chaos at rush hour.

People have tried to address and solve this problem but with little success. But clearly something needs to be done about it. In particular, the entrance to the Co-op on the junction of Saddleworth Road and Stainland Road is both confusing and dangerous.

I will continue to listen to the views of both local residents and businesses in an effort to solve this problem.